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The following sites provide quality resources for computer users.

Disclaimer: Digital Star does not endorse or affiliate with any of the below web-sites by clicking the below links you will be leaving www.digitalstar.com.au Domain and travelling to different sites.


Review websites scrutinise and critique new technology, products and services to serve as referendums to anyone earching for the educated opinions of experienced computer enthusiasts.

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Several internet sources accumulate and catalogue various utilities, downloads and updates to assist computer users in keeping their systems running smoothly.

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Internet forums can be helpful to novice and advanced users alike, providing a channel for open discussion of an infinite number of computer-related issues.

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Manufacturer Resources

Many product manufacturers supply comprehensive information, tools and resources to aide customers in selection, installation and support of hardware and software.

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Free Support Resources

A collection of references whose collective purpose is to assist users in resolving technical issues and problems with computer hardware and software.

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Computer Jargon

Online technical glossaries provide definitions of complicated PC terms and jargon.

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